Stack Barrel

Our exceptional beers

Refined from a few months to several years, in different wooden barrels, they will introduce you to new flavors and their complexity after maturing in rum, whiskey, wine barrels, etc.

They are only produced once, so take advantage of them!

Bronze Medal - Canadian Brewing Awards - Canada - 2020

Matured in Caribbean Rum casks for 6 months

Matured in Caribbean Rum casks for 9 months

Matured in Mezcal casks for 5 months

Matured in Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling barrels for 6 months

Matured in white wine barrels for 25 months

Matured in Virgin Island Rum casks for 27 months

Matured in Whiskey casks and Bourbon casks that have contained maple syrup for 18 months